Thursday, July 23, 2009

The skies, and the flowers.

I went on the most amazing early morning run today.
I haven't done that in ages.
The sky was just turning from night into morning, and the clouds were illuminated breathtakingly by the sunrise.
I was reminded of Psalm 19:1
"The Heavens declare the glory of God. The skies proclaim the work of His hands."

Along my run, I came upon a beautiful field of sunflowers.. And again, I was reminded of a sweet truth that one of my old Bible study girls shared with me.. She told me that Sunflowers always turn to face the sun.. And amazingly enough.. I have witnessed that over and over.. All of the sunflowers in the field were facing the sun..

I took that to heart.. wanting to be like a sunflower.. and face the Son. Jesus that is.

That is my goal today.. to soak up the sweet aroma of Jesus, while basking in awe at the work of His hands.


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