Friday, January 30, 2009

Marie Claire

This is the Fashion Closet at Marie Claire where I spend my loooong days..
I love it though!!
This is the Hearst Tower.. Marie Claire is on the 34th Floor..
Oh New York City, how I love thee!

Monday, January 26, 2009

I've Just Arrived

I think most people begin a new blog with the same thought.. "I've never blogged before, but I've decided I am going to give it a try and start today.."

Since I have now embarked on a brand new journey, a journey far far away from home, I figured this would be the best way to keep everyone updated.. Hopefully it will also help make me more aware and observant of all I am experiencing in New York City..

Coming to NYC has been a lifelong dream of mine, and I feel truly favored and blessed that God made this happen for me..

In case you are unsure why in the world I am here in New York in the first place..

I am completing my degree at Colorado State in Apparel and Merchandising, and in order to complete that degree we have to do a 10 week internship in the fashion industry.. I am interning at Marie Claire, the magazine, and am so excited for this experience... My position is based in the Fashion Closet, and there I will be working with all of the merchandise for the magazine, and alongside Nina Garcia, the new Fashion Director at Marie Claire.. for any of you who know her.. this is an exciting and big deal!!!

In addition to the many many ways the Lord has blessed me with living here, my housing situation couldn't be any more perfect.. 3 of the most amazing girls, and wow, am I blessed to be in such a BIG, SPACIOUS, house in Manhattan. with these girls.. PTL!!

It is quite cold here, and New Yorkers are critiqued for being cold themself, so I am hoping to bring some sunshine to this big city, while being a light to the fashion industry..

I begin tomorrow, and I have pondered over and over my thoughts about this, and really I am nearly thoughtless as I want to go into this with no expectations, that way there leaves no room for let-downs or unexpected happenings..
I do not know what my experience will be like, what the other girls will be like, or my boss, or if this will be Devil wears Prada-ish..

However, amongst all of these unknowns, what I do know is that I am acting out of obedience to God.. I feel called here this semester, and know that I have a deeper vision and purpose for being here.. I am not here just to get to run around the city, get ahead in the fashion world, or live a life that mimicks reality tv.. On the contrary I am here as an ambassador for Christ.. and the verse I have claimed is Zechariah 2:10 and it says "Shout and be glad Daughter Zion, for I am going with you and will live among you."

The Lord is with me, and He has come before me to level the mountains, and I believe He will continue to do so..

Thank you all for your excitement and support for me, and prayers.. I will need them throughout this journey.. Prayers for safety, and direction and courage to be bold!

My first day is tomorrow, so I will have an update soon..